Thank you for checking out America's Giving Big. Here are some of the most common questions we have received.

Q: Does America's Giving Big keep any of the Sponsor Donations?
A: No. 100% of the Sponsors prize donations go directly to the winning school.
Q: How does the voting system work?
A: All schools that are selected for the contests are put into two rounds of voting:  General and Final. The schools with the highest number of votes will make it into the Final round. During the Final round, all votes will be reset to zero and another round of voting will determine a single winner. The school with the most votes wins.

Q: How many schools will be in a Final round?
A: Number of schools in the Final round will vary from contest to contest based on the total number of schools in the General round.
Q: How does a school know they have been submitted into America's Giving Big contest?
A: America's Giving Big will contact all submitted schools for verification and approvals.
Q: How often can you vote?
A: You can vote once every 24-hrs. There is a time limit on each round that is easily tracked on our Current Contest page. This allows you to see how long you have to get in as many votes as possible.
Q: Can I submit multiple schools for the competition?
A: Yes. Anyone can submit a school and as many schools as you want.
Q: Can I use social media to help raise awareness and votes for a school?
A: Yes! We actually recommend it. Have fun and be creative in bringing awareness to a school's needs. Just remember to add the voting link for your school so people know where to go to submit votes for your school.
Q: What if my school does not win, then what?
A: Currently, not every school can win prize money. However, do not give up! You can always resubmit your school to get back into the next contest! Keep sharing what your school needs because you never know who might be out there willing to help.
Q: How do I know if the school I submitted makes it into the contest?
A: Each submission will be followed by an email informing them if their school was selected for the contest or not. If so, you will be prompted to start the voting process. If not, you always have the option to resubmit for the next contest, and we encourage you to do so!


If you would like to know more, please contact us using our contact form.